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Health and Safety


Believing that health and safety are vital issues relating to the fire service, the MCFTOA has dedicated a section of this site to these extremely important topics.   Here you will find documents, PowerPoint presentations, website links, and other materials relating to health and safety issues in the fire service.   Check back often as items are added frequently.

Additionally, fire service “Blue Sheets,” “Green Sheets,” and Incident Reviews, can be found at the bottom of this page.


Fireground Safety:


Carbon Monoxide:


Critical Incident Stress / Crisis Intervention:




Cancer Prevention:


Health / Safety / Wellness:


Firefighter Safety Initiatives / Priorities:


Hearing Illness Prevention:


Close Calls / Near Miss Reporting:


Firefighter Rehabilitation:


Disease Prevention:


Suicide Prevention:


Heat Illness Prevention:


Personal Protective Equipment:


Respiratory Protection:




Firefighter Fitness:


Cyanide Poisoning:


Blue Sheets – Preliminary Summary Report:


Green Sheets – Informational Summary Report: