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Fireworks Enforcement:

2024 Fireworks Information – Monterey County and Surrounding Areas

California Fireworks Violations – Updated June 2012

California State Fire Marshal Information Bulletin 12-06 – Guidance for Safe Handling and Storage of Seized Fireworks – June 26, 2012

Consumer Fireworks Advisory Safety Letter – Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, March 1, 2012

Fireworks in California – Laws and Regulations for Transportation, Use, and Storage, 2011 Edition

California “Illegal Fireworks” Laws Health and Safety Code 12500 – 12728 – Shouse California Law Group

California Fireworks Newswire

Fireworks Program – California State Fire Marshal / Cal Fire 

Fireworks Law & Regulations – California State Fire Marshal / Cal Fire, Oct. 6, 2023

Sale of Consumer Fireworks on Craigslist – California State Fire Marshal, Jun. 23, 2009

Senate Bill Update on Firework Seizures and Management – California State Fire Marshal, Nov. 1, 2022


Fireworks Safety:

Fireworks Safety – Safe Kids Worldwide

Fireworks Safety – National Fire Protection Association

Fireworks Safety – National Safety Council

The Rules on Fireworks Safety – American Red Cross

Fireworks Safety – Ready for Wildfire / Cal Fire

4th of July Safety Tips – Cal Fire


Fire Prevention Links:

California Fire Prevention Officers

Fire Rescue 1 – Fire Prevention

Fire Safety Information Center – Consumer Product Safety Commission

Institution of Fire Engineers – United States of America Branch

National Association of State Fire Marshals

United States Fire Administration

National Fire Protection Association

Home Safety Council – Fire Prevention

Smokey Bear

Coalition for Fire Safe Cigarettes

The Triangle Factory Fire

Procedures for Flow Testing Fire Hydrants


Residential Fire Sprinklers:

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition – Residential Sprinkler Report 2011

Time Out – Out of Time: Flashover and Residential Sprinklers – May 2012


Fire Prevention for Children:

“Fire Is…” Barnabas Health-The Burn Center / NJ Fire Safety

Fire Safety for Kids 

Sparky the Fire Dog – NFPA

Fire Safety for Kids –

Fire Hazards in the Home – Fire and Home Safety for Children

What to Do in a Fire – Kids Health


Smoke Alarms:

Update New Requirement for Smoke Alarm Listing – California State Fire Marshal Informational Bulletin 13-006, March 10, 2014

Updated Smoke Alarm Requirements – California State Fire Marshal Informational Bulletin 14-006, Feb. 12, 2015


Electrical Fire Safety:

Basement Guides – Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety – Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Home Electrical Safety Tips


Fire Prevention Documents:

“Fire Security for Your Home” by Hannah Kerns – Submitted by Aiden Foster

SB 183 – California Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act 2010

The Rhythm Nightclub Fire: Tragic Lessons Many of Us Never Heard About

NFPA – Fire Safety in Assembly Occupancies

U.S. Fire Administration – Chicken Processing Plant Fires, 1991

Vision 20/20’s Webinar Series on Model Measures for Fire Prevention

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) – National Standard Fire Hydrants – 2004

Guideline for Fire Safety Elements of Solar Pholovoltaic Systems – July 17, 2008