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  Training Opportunities

Here you will find training opportunities within California, or nearby, that may be of interest to you or your agency. Click on the links below for a class flyer or more information.

The flyers and links posted below are informational only and we are not responsible for any cancellations or changes to the class dates, times, location, requirements, etc.  We are also not responsible for any type of certifications offered, issued, or not issued, for any of the classes listed on our site.  Always check with the class sponsor prior to taking any class to know exactly what type of certification is being offered.  Never assume you will receive certification based on the class title alone. Any questions concerning these classes should be directed to the class host or sponsor.

Feel free to sent us your class flyers or schedules, as a PDF, to and we will do our best to post them below.

Classes held at the California Fire Academy at Monterey Bay through Monterey Peninsula College are listed below on the “PSTC” (Public Safety Training Center) tab of this site.


Special Notice: March 18, 2020:  Due to the on-going COVID-19 health pandemic, some of the classes listed below may be postponed or even cancelled.  For the status of the individual listed classes, please contact the class host or sponsor directly.  We post these classes as a resource for the fire service community and do not have specific information concerning the status of each class.



Executive Chief Fire Officer:


Chief Fire Officer:

Chief Fire Officer 3A:


Chief Fire Officer 3B:


Chief Fire Officer 3C:


Chief Fire Officer 3D:


Company Officer:

Company Officer 2A:


Company Officer 2B:

Company Officer 2B – Monterey County Fire Training Officers, Dec. 6 – 8, 2021, Seaside, CA

Company Officer 2B – Industrial Emergency Council, Nov. 29 – Dec. 1, 2021, Half Moon Bay, CA


Company Officer 2C:

Company Officer 2C – Monterey County Fire Training Officers, Jan. 3 – 7, 2022, Seaside, CA

Company Officer 2C – Industrial Emergency Council, Dec. 13 – 17, 2021, Half Moon Bay, CA


Company Officer 2D:

Company Officer 2D – Monterey County Fire Training Officers, Feb. 7 – 11, 2022, Seaside, CA


Company Officer 2E:

Company Officer 2E – Monterey County Fire Training Officers, March 14 – 18, 2022, Seaside, CA


Strike Team Leader Overhead Refresher Training:


Incident Command Position Assignments:

AH 330 Strike Team / Task Force Leader All Hazards – California Fire and Rescue training Authority, Nov. 29 – Dec. 3, 2021. Rancho Cordova, CA

L-958 All-Hazard Operations Section Chief – California Fire and Rescue Training Authority, Feb. 7 – 11, 2022, Rancho Cordova, CA

L-960 All-Hazards Position Specific Division / Group Supervisor – California Fire and Rescue Training Authority, Jan 10 -14, 2022, Rancho Cordova, CA


Incident Command:


Firefighter 1:


Fire Ground Operations / Suppression:


SLICE-RS / Modern Fire Attack:


Gas and Electrical Emergencies / Safety:

Gas & Electrical Safety Training for First Responders – Pacific Gas & Electric Co., on-going training throughout Northern California


Solar / Photovoltaic:


Emergency Medical Services:

Caregiver Wellbeing – Global Medical Response, Nov. 22, 2021, On-line

End Tidal Carbon Dioxide Monitoring – Global Medical Response, Nov. 23, 2021, On-line

Hyperkalemia: Cardiotoxic Effects – Global Medical Response, Nov. 29, 2021, On-line

Status Epilepticus and Strokes – Global Medical Response, Dec. 1, 2021, On-line

Pain Management – Global Medical Response, Dec. 3, 2021, On-line

Psychiatric Emergencies – Global Medical Response, Dec, 9, 2021, On-line

Patient Safety – Global Medical Response, Dec. 10, 2021, On-line

Cardiac Emergencies – Global Medical Response, Dec. 14, 2021, On-line

Psychologic Stress Injuries – Global Medical Response, Dec. 15, 2021, On-line

Ventricular Assist Devices – Global Medical Response, Dec. 20, 2021, On-line

Geriatric Care: The Golden Years or Are They? – Global Medical Response, Dec. 21, 2021, On-line

Large Incident Management – Global Medical Response,  Dec. 28, 2021, On-line

Fluid Resuscitation – Global Medical Response, Dec. 29, 2021, On-line


Career Development:


Data Analysis:


Wildland Firefighting Training:


Rope Operations:


Low Angle Rope Rescue Operational:


Rescue Systems:

Rescue Systems I:


Rescue Systems II:


Rescue Systems III:


Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC):


Fire Fighter Survival:


Trench Rescue:

Trench Rescue – Riverside County FD, Dec. 10 – 12, 2021, Riverside, CA


Confined Space Rescue:


Water Rescue:


Special Rescue Operations:


Search and Rescue:


Driver Operator:


Traffic Incident Safety / Apparatus / Vehicle Operation:


Firefighter Bill of Rights:


Drone Operations:


Fire Investigation:


Fire / Arson Investigation Training:


Fire Prevention:


Fire Prevention Training:


Fire Marshal:


Fire Inspector:


Plans Examiner:


Hazardous Materials:


Ethical Leadership for Instructors:


Regional Instructor Orientation:


State Fire Training Updates / Certifications:


Instructor I:

Instructor 1 – Monterey County Fire Training Officers, March 28 – April 1, 2022, Seaside, CA



Instructor II:


Master Instructor Series:


Terrorism / WMD:


PIO / Media / Social Media:


Critical Incident Stress:






Honor Guard:


 Conferences / Expos: